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Target 310+ on the GRE?

We have 3 320+ scores and 5 310+ scores just from our Anna Nagar centre in 2014.

  1. Akash: 324 (Q168)
  2. Naveen: 321 (V162)
  3. Abhijit: 320 (Q168)
  4. Aqeel: 319 (Q168)
  5. Sampath: 317 (Q168)
  6. Kaushik: 313
  7. Raksha: 312
  8. Niranjan: 310
‚ÄčOur students study at some of the best universities in the US:
Our students got into some of the best universities in the US for the academic year starting in Fall 2016.  The list includes
  1. MIT,
  2. the University of Michigan,
  3. UCLA,
  4. Carnegie Mellon,
  5. Georgiatech,
  6. New York University (NYU),
  7. Brown University (Ivy League), and
  8. the College of William and Mary (the first college established in the US - this even predates Harvard).

Want to know how?

The August Academy difference


World class Material

Our course material includes access to 6 world class computer based practice tests.


99 percentile instructors

Our instructor is an alumnus of IIT Madras and Stanford University.


We genuinely care

We stay with you till you get into the best US Universities.  Your victory is our victory!

"They treat each student with utmost care and they proceed according to their performance. Mr. Karthik founder of August Academy is a brilliant teacher. They help to produce the best in us and they make sure we come out flourishing. Thanks to August Academy for shaping me and helping me to get into UC Berkeley."

S. Vinesh
From PSG Tech to UC Berkeley

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